VANDALS - 2014

For each of the 6 pieces in the Vandals series, two metal canvases (one smaller canvas attached to the center of one larger canvas) were adhered to a metro train carriage. The metro carriage was 'vandalized', and the metal canvases containing abstracted sections of graffiti were removed and bought back to a studio setting. There, the small and large canvases were mixed and matched to further obscure the structure of the graffiti letters. One looking at finished result might only notice the powerful line work and careful color selection, possibly never guessing the artworks illicit beginnings. By painting the word "vandals" across the panel of a metro carriage, the artists acknowledge the common negative conceptions associated with the word. However, the impressions that the skillful techniques of the final artwork leave upon the viewer are in sharp juxtaposition of this concept, raising the question of where the line between art and vandalism exists, or if it really even exists at all.