PROBATION VACATION: LOST IN ASIA (Episode 11 - China Part 1)

People's Republic of China; besides being the world's most populated country, it's also the country with the most metro systems (almost 30 systems as of now). For part 1 of this two-part finale, Utah & Ether make their way across the vast terrain of this sprawling country to visit Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing & Wuhan. Watch as the pair sneak past sensors, dodge CCTV cameras and evade security to paint some of the most exotic metro models in the world.


Probation Vacation: Lost In Asia,  the first monograph of Utah and Ether containing 176 pages of stories and photos from their 5 years of travels across the world's largest continent, is available now at The Grifters


The capital city of Taipei and harbor city of Kaohsiung are the only cities within the island-country of Taiwan to have metro systems. Naturally, this made them essential stops for Utah & Ether. This video marks a rare hit on the Taipei metro and the first hit ever on the Kaohsiung metro system.

The Softcover edition of the Probation Vacation: Lost In Asia book is available here. Featuring photos and stories from metro systems across Asia, it is a must-have for any graffiti or train lover's library.


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